Monday, January 19, 2009

Review of Joey Yap’s Feng Shui & Astrology 2009 Seminar

As usual I will attend Joey Yap's Yearly Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar every year. If I remember correctly, this is the fourth year I attended the Yearly Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar. This year the Seminar is called "Thriving in Challenging Times".

As always, I like to start off my day with a good breakfast hence I have went to KL Convention Centre earlier than usual to obtain a good seat. Yep, I am beginning to act like our "Kiasu" Southern neighbour, much to my own chagrin. This year the seminar was at Plenary Hall which I find was much better then Grand Ball Room. Last year was jam packed with people. Although this year every seat was filled up, it was much better. Yes, if you like to know I don't fancy crowded places too much.

The seminar went on quite well as usual with only tiny problem with the sound system at the early stage. Joey with his compact information, and every now and then humorous remarks made the seminar much more interesting.

So what's in Joey's seminar? The main topics covered Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology Forecast and Face Fortune for 2009. Flipping through the Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar booklet, there was a lot of information that I do like share here at my blog but the fine print "Feng Shui & Astrology for 2009 All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright © by Joey Yap" keep pop up for my attention. When have I develop a tendency to look at the fine print, I have no idea. Guess when you mature with time, you tend to be more careful. Or maybe I have become "Kiasi" as well. Well if your house main door is in the West and your room takes up the Northeast and half of East section of the house you would pretty does the same thing. If you look at the flying star chart for 2009 below you will know what I mean.

Flying Star 2009

I am the lucky girl! The flying star of 2 in the West, 7 in the East and 3 in the Northeast seems to like me very much. The West where the No. 2 star resides supposed to bring real estate and property gain for me. Not year for me. The potential health problem holds true for my case. I have back pains already after the spring cleaning of my house.

Then the No.3 star in the Northeast brings about constant argument and legal problem. I shall be proper law abiding citizen this year not that I don't abide the law most of the time. The Grand Duke is also residing at the North East 1 this year. Since I am not facing the Grand Duke thats not so bad.

No. 7 star in the East brings about turbulent emotions, medical complications and competitive work environment. Competition in working place! Nope, not afraid of that! I am more afraid there are no people working. Everyone seems to be on holiday moods already.

At least I must be thankful that I am not at the worst sector that is in the North. My parents are lucky though, the No. 8 star is in their room. That's where the cash located. My brother is also quite lucky this year. He got the No. 1 star in the Northwest section where there are potential gain in status, good name and nobleman help. It is also where you can find future cash.

The peach blossom luck is also not with me this year too. It has fly to the South.

The Southwest is good for career progress though the sector faces the Grand Duke. My home staircase is located here so I guess I can only make progress up the stair and down as well. I do it every day. Don't know it will incur the wrath of Grand Duke. You know besides putting water at an area to activate the Qi, movement and sound can also be also do the trick.

Okay, enough about my home! Back to Joey Yap's seminar. It would be such a horrible article to post in my blog if there aren't any tips for 2009. So here are the tidbits that are not in the booklet but mentioned in his seminar:

  1. Since 2009 is the Ji Earth year, the earth element is prominent. Exhausting element of water and controlling element of wood can be used. Therefore industry related to this two element would be doing well. The fire industry will be okay too this year.
  2. Since water element is important this year, the part of the face that represents the water element is around the lip area that is from the end of your nose to your chin. If you have double chin, you would be doing well this year. You lip must also close properly. Your teeth should not protrude out.

  3. Good dates to start work after Chinese New Year are 28 Jan (except rabbit), 30 Jan (except snake & rooster), 2 Feb (except monkey) and 6 Feb (except rat). 2 Feb is a good day to start work if you want to remove any bad experience from last year and begin anew.

  4. Dates to avoid any major events or important activities are 31 Jan, 25 Feb, 17 Mar and 22 Jul (solar eclipse. Avoid being exposing to the solar eclipse phenomena).

There are a lot more information, I don't think I can mention it all. You should consider going for next year seminar. Besides, there are lots of bargain on Joey Yap’s books and courses. I signed up for one of his courses that come with free gift of a book and a compass. I already have that. I asked for exchanged and you know what? I got the 2 latest book titles, “Walking The Dragon” and “Pure Feng Shui”. Talk about generosity.


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